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Watch The Last Exorcism Part II 2013 megavideo movie online free

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We’re getting to take the high road, skip all the plain “how might or not it\'s ‘The Last’?” jokes and easily accept the particular undeniable fact that The Last supernaturalism [*fr1] II is on the suggests that, whereas at identical time holding out hope that [*fr1] II explains that problematical ending to The Last supernaturalism.

The trailer on high of lays out a fairly generic image, in terms of horror flick narrative – but considering the character of this shocking sequel, there’s still heaps to discussion.

First off, gone is that the found-footage mockumentary form of the first film, that followed a documentary crew chronicling the (heh) final supernaturalism performed by slicker clergyman Cotton Marcus (Patrick Fabian). Matter of fact: gone area unit the documentary crew and Cotton Marcus, United Nations agency [SPOILER ALERT] all apparently met untimely ends at the tip of the first film. What we\'ve an inclination to induce now\'s one factor of a fresh start, shot inside the format of a typical horror flick, with a narrative presently centering on young Nell Sweetzer (Ashley Bell), the possessed (or mentally ill?) lady from the first film last seen organic process to a hellspawn baby whereas below the thrall of a cult comprised of her own brother and fellow municipality.

Nell’s “amnesia” waking up part II preserves the mystery of [*fr1] I‘s ambiguous ending – though this trailer doesn’t produce it clear whether or not or not or not that enlargement on the evil  mythos of “Abalam” area unit progressing to be well worth the price tag worth – or, as stated, merely a rehash of comparable exorcism/demon flicks. Worse nevertheless: the footage inside the trailer still walks enough of a line to tug out the “is she crazy or possessed” discussion for yet an added installment – a la Paranormal Activity 4‘s proof that concrete answers are not inside the studios’ business model once it involves cranking out affordable horror flicks.

“Franchise” star Ashley Bell is certainly being two-handed an even bigger task than just making an attempt wild  and contorting her body in noisome ways; though it remains to be seen whether or not or not the enlargement of Nell’s story was a worthy investment. directive and co-writing the second installment is impotence Gass-Donnelly – a somewhat beginner feature-film director United Nations agency caught attention in conjunction with his pageant image, settlement Murder Songs, variety of years back. whereas it collectively remains to be seen if  Gass-Donnelly can rise to the current task, up to now the visual quality of the film doesn’t look that unhealthy the smallest amount bit – a certain improvement over [*fr1] I‘s shaky-cam failures.

Still, there area unit varied “ifs” hanging over this project that it’s heavy to induce too enthused – notably in Associate in Nursing passing year once horror films a bit like the Evil Dead remake area unit turning heads with lots of spectacular trailers than this.


In Theaters

  • March 1, 2013

MPAA Rating

PG-13 (for horror violence, terror and brief language)


Horror, Sequel


CBS Films

Also Known As

  • The Beginning of the End
  • The Last Exorcism Part II

Filming Locations

  • New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

Produced In

United States

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